Wizard Best Practices: Overview

What are Best Practices?

Best Practices refer to a collection of how to's and what to avoid when preparing Microsoft Office files for conversion. Best Practices help users utilize their software efficiently and maximize the most of their Wizard experience.

Using Best Practices not only makes the conversion process simpler, they create a more structured document. If certain things are left out or are not done correctly in the original design and structure of the document, the final product will have missing information, display content incorrectly or it may cause the Wizard to crash.

You should get in the habit of always using Best Practices. Since Best Practices show how to create table, charts, layout, etc., without using outside sources most of the time, you will actually save time while preparing a more quality document. Though the Wizard will make your content as accessible as possible, the more structure that is added while making an office document before conversion the more accessible it will be after conversion.

Best Practices and the Wizard

Implementing Best Practices when preparing your Office document will enable a more efficient converted file in the end.

Training on Best Practices

Live webcasts are being offered through June 2006 in regards to Best Practices for PowerPoint and Best Practices for Word. Take part in the Wizard E-Series as Christy Blew to see how the Accessible Web Publishing Wizard creates an Accessible HTML output of your presentation or document. Archived sessions are also available for review. Visit the Training Page for more information and registration.